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Our Pricing

Small home

1-2 bedroom home with 1 bathroom*: 13% plus VAT** + €120 cleaning fee (inc. laundry and ironing)

Medium home

3-5 bedroom home with 2 bathrooms*: 17% plus VAT** + €150 cleaning fee (inc. laundry and ironing)

Large home

6 bedroom or more home with 2 bathrooms*: 23% plus VAT** + €180 cleaning fee (inc. laundry and ironing)

*(€20 per extra bathroom)

** The 13%, 17% and 23% includes our services of : 

  •       Creating a online profile for your property if needed, this includes:

    • Arranging a deep clean of property, if needed

    • Managing update/renovation of property, if needed

    • Arranging for any indoor/outdoor maintenance, if needed

    • Taking photos of the property

    • Setting up an online profile for property, if needed

    • Creating a brochure of property and amenities around it.

    • Creating an itinerary of what you have and what is needed e.g. towels, bed linens, delph, etc.

  • Managing all online bookings and communications with guests

  • Being on call 24/7 for any emergencies with guests

  • Creating welcome packs for guests, to increase their review of their stay

  • Keeping all stock for property full (Toiletries, toilet paper, cleaning supplies and kitchen roll)

  • Ensuring the guests have a great stay and leave a good review

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